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Trough humidification of Linpin high low temperature and hum

High and low temperature test chamber as the name suggests is used to make high temperature, low temperature, alternating, damp heat test. So, humidity system is one of the essential systems, in order to realize the test conditions, it is inevitable to carry on the test box humidification and the operation of the desiccant.
A new generation of LENPURE series temperature and humidity test chamber humidification mode has been upgraded to a shallow trough humidification, before the use of boiler humidification. The shallow trough humidification rate is much faster than that of the boiler, and the stability is better, and it is more suitable to do the test of the temperature and humidity for a long time. However, the large area occupied by the shallow trough humidification is not suitable for small equipment, small equipment can only be external. Therefore, in order to beautiful or need to use the boiler humidification, the two have the advantage. Mainly depends on the size of the device users choose. Dehumidification, we use corrugated finned tube heat exchanger (and dehumidifier), the dew point temperature of the evaporator coil laminar contact dehumidification method. This method has the advantages of stable humidity, fast speed and so on.
LENPURE high and low temperature test chamber humidity system compared to the previous equipment, has a number of advantages. If you have technical problems, please contact me at any time to the Department of technical department.